Presentation backgrounds professional teachers make kids

In this article, you will find 15 educational Powerpoint templates for teachers you can use for school presentations. We live in technology are which increases our possibilities in all areas of life. Chalkboard schemas and illustrations are a great way to explain information, but PowerPoint presentation with imagesgraphs and customizable options is way better. If you are a teacher, you certainly need a PowerPoint presentation to present any information in a pleasant eye-catching way.

In this collection, we have put together 16 best PowerPoint templates for teachers. You can use them to create a presentation on any subject, and you can save it for the next year students. These will be suitable for both college students and small kids. All the elements of the slides can be effortlessly edited and changed to fit your needs. Back To School PowerPoint template is a great school-related presentation you can use as a teacher.

It has all the items related to school life and stationary. Besides, it has different infographics, charts, and diagrams. Internet lectures is a PowerPoint presentation template designed specifically for online teachers. It contains lots of infographics, charts, diagrams which will help you to present any data in a simple way.

A lecture is only as good as you deliver it. It has all kind of charts, maps, graphs, and bars to demonstrate your point. This PowerPoint template stands out with its illustrations and pixel-perfect design.

Customize the layout as needed by adding images from your design library.

Kids PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides Themes

It includes slides with green, orange, and purple colors. This presentation template is all about college students, their life, and getting a degree.

It has chart infographic, world map, steps infographic, SWOT analysis, introduction slides, breaks slides, and more. This bundle includes two presentation templates perfect for teaching and coaching.

It has unique custom slides and fully editable design. It contains multi purpose slides, welcome slides, timeline, charts box, and more. This huge bundle of presentation templates with over 39, slides will help you to create nice presentations for teaching or any other work for years. This presentation template will fit not only teaching but a business report, real estate, new business funding request, product review and more.

Change the scheme to match your school colors, maybe even add a logo. You can upload your photos effortlessly using the image placeholders. Reinforce the notion that learning is fun by making your presentation exactly that. The background of these slides looks like a school board, and you can apply any color you want to it.

Also, The presentation uses a specific font to imitate a chalkboard typography. Revolution Powerpoint presentation makes the perfect template for education technology-themed lectures and discussions. It has various lists, charts, graphs, and graphic elements to present your data.

You can choose from over 70 unique pixel-perfect slides. Besides, the design is fully editable. Here is one more presentation template imitating chalkboard. All the text, graphs, and charts look like they were painted on the board.

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You can edit them as you need. This is clean minimalist PowerPoint template for education. It has illustrations, icons, fonts, graphs, and charts to show the data to your audience. With 12 color schemes, you can choose the one which fits your topic and brand the best.You have not viewed any products yet. Start browsing our template library and here will be stored your history of viewed products. Use "Favorites" to save products you find interesting, to compare them and add to cart.

To add products in favorites you must first register or login. Registration is Free! To add a product to "Favorites" simple click on near product's image.

Kids Presentation templates

Forgot Password? Remember me on this computer. Not Registered? Create Free Account. Already have an account? Sign in. Images per Page 25 50 Product Type Icons. Over the Rainbow PowerPoint Template. Children's Literature PowerPoint Template.

presentation backgrounds professional teachers make kids

Childish PowerPoint Template. Kids Playing PowerPoint Template. Kids Friendship PowerPoint Template. Happy Kids PowerPoint Template. Playing Kids PowerPoint Template. Kids Time PowerPoint Template. Kids Collage PowerPoint Template. Funny Kids PowerPoint Template. Painting PowerPoint Template.Slidesgo is also available in English!

Show me. C'est parti! This free presentation template focuses on this design, so you can turn a lesson into an easy teaching experience. Back to School time has arrived at Slidesgo! Whether you are a school center or a business focused on stationery and other school supplies, this template will help you plan and report your Social Media Strategy. Your marketing campaign will get to both parents and students, and getting a high In Slidesgo we have just created the perfect template for you.

Rubik's cube is so iconic it will drive the attention of your students toward the screen. Yes, we've created this new presentation template with some illustrations of this "contraption", but the thing is that every image is in isometric perspective.

That, along with the colorful tones and some highlighted text, Do you need a helping hand with your week? This organizer is perfect for students, as it contains calendars and plenty of room for your notes.

15 Powerpoint Templates for Teachers and Students

The backgrounds are pink and we have included illustrations related to education and tropical plants. Ready to become a full-fledged architect? Leave the commitee speechless during the defense of your dissertation by using this editable slideshow.

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Two colors stand out from the rest: light blue and white. There are linear icons included and the layouts are minimalist—you won't want to distract your assessors from what's Structured as a planner, with calendars, checklists and tables, you will have no problems sorting out the week. History lessons tend to be boring for students, since they need to remember dates and a bunch of information.

Make it entertaining by editing our free presentation template, whose backgrounds based on ancient papyrus rolls take it to the next level. Ah, literature, what a beautiful art. Are you an expert on classic novels written by English authors?

Go back to the past with this template and tell your audience all about these best sellers that made an impact. Let the vintage look of the slides set the right tone and Prepare a lesson on science with the help of this new presentation so that your students start liking the subject, and who knows, they might end up becoming scientists themselves!

In fact, there are some inspiring pictures and a lot of icons and illustrations related to science. The simple layouts New and interesting technologies are being used for teaching. If you need to prepare a webinar or you must give a presentation to talk about e-learning and these kind of advances in education, With this new template, you'll be able to crack the code It's structured as a slideshow for a workshop, which means you can use it to teach some programming.

We couldn't help but use a design resembling an interface, especially for the titles of eachWhat an auspicious occasion! In my twenty plus year career as a communication professor and presentation coach, I have never presented in front of such an accomplished and famous audience. Before me were 75 of the most influential Americans I could imagine…I was introduced by Jackie Robinson.

To my right sat Benjamin Franklin. Across from Mr. Franklin were Harriet Tubman and Susan B. To their left were John F. Kennedy and Mark Twain. Soon, these children would be enlightening their friends, families, and teachers about the biographies of their famous Americans. Their teachers invited me to their classes to offer advice to these kids on how to present more confidently and constructively.

They had grown tired of having their students simply read or recite their presentations. Rather, these teachers wanted to see some engaging, conversational speeches. In what follows, I hope to provide parents and teachers with specific tips and advice they can pass along to their elementary and middle school children to help these kids to become more authentic, compelling communicators.

While the parents of most of these kids had countless encounters with good and bad presenters, the students before me had few. To help my audience appreciate their goal, I related presenting to teaching — something these students had several years of experience with. Astonishingly, these eight year olds clearly identified the very topics that I address with my MBA students and the executives I coach.

They noted the importance of structure and support, delivery, and practice. By seeing their presenting job as teaching, my young orators realized that they needed to engage their audience to help them learn and pay attention. B reathe deeply before speaking to help the jitters go away. L ook at your audience so you can tell if they are interested in what you are saying.

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A ttend to your stance by placing your feet forward directly under your shoulders. S peak loudly and clearly so people in the back of the room can hear you. T alk with your hands to describe what you are saying. This first acronym focuses on presentation delivery — how you say what you say. Many nervous and novice speakers manifest presenting behaviors that distract their audience from the core message of the speech e.

No audience member likes to witness a nervous speaker. By invoking presentation behaviors, such as sustaining eye contact, standing balanced, speaking loudly, and gesturing in a descriptive manner, presenters — adults and children alike — can appear more confident.

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When working with children on speech delivery, I have found it best to focus on how their behavior e. M emorize key points not your whole talk, which allows you to have a conversation. A nticipate questions and think of answers before your present. P rovide a list of your points so your audience knows what you will be telling them. The key here is to create an outline of your content with the main points defined.Slidesgo is also available in English! Show me. C'est parti! This free presentation template focuses on this design, so you can turn a lesson into an easy teaching experience.

Back to School time has arrived at Slidesgo! Whether you are a school center or a business focused on stationery and other school supplies, this template will help you plan and report your Social Media Strategy. Your marketing campaign will get to both parents and students, and getting a high A chalkboard! The design of our new template focuses on this! Do you want to try new things in education, perhaps some digital learning?

Language for Presentations

Introducing the Virtual Classroom Kit! A multi-purpose template with which you can add materials and resources for lessons. Was there a difficult part for the students? Use the graphs, tables and infographics to help them understand data Design some school assignments for your students so they can learn while they are having fun. Download this cool template now and make use of its resources. It looks like a sheet of a notebook and we have added drawings of stationery.

Education Presentation templates

Get your pencil! Mastering a language is not an easy task!

presentation backgrounds professional teachers make kids

When we say that this template is like a notebook, it literally is! All the slides are the different pages, complete with lines, drawings and a hand-written font. You can use it as a planner, or perhaps as a project work, or you can just print the slides thanks to This new slide deck has been designed for school centers.

Not only your students but their parents will like this design, along with fitting layouts to present your values, the teachers, the enrollment process or other essential information. Cartoony illustrations and drawings complete this great template!

presentation backgrounds professional teachers make kids

Due to social distancing, teaching and learning methods have changed. Use this cool presentation to prepare your classes. Mastering your lessons will be a piece of cake! Go to class with a smile on your face!

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This template contains a set of different timetables and schedules for school, decorated all of them with cute illustrations. It's just kawaii! The overall design is quite funny, so we're sure you'll have a blast editing these slides!

Give a reward to your pre-K students at the end of the school year: a funny diploma! In this template, you'll find around thirty different designs. Or a bear with a graduation cap? Or a smiling pencil? Choose any Are you a creative person or a student? Do you like doodles, hand-drawn elements and a funny design?The best VPNs run their own DNS services. Your browser will get the proper IP address of Bet365, not the address of a blocking screen.

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presentation backgrounds professional teachers make kids

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